What to Expect - Eight-Step Customer Care Process

"We wanted to take the time to extend our appreciation to the wonderful job you did constructing our new home. We were impressed with your communication and follow-ups. You and Gaye actively listened to us through the entire process (even with all our changes!). Our home reflects our vision because you worked creatively and diligently with us until we were satisfied."

Andy and Peta Campbell, New home, Craignish

You’re involved from the start. We’re involved beyond the finish.

Enjoy the rare and thrilling experience of watching your idea be transformed into your new home with Ricky Cullen Constructions’ use of quality materials and a disciplined approach to construction. We offer a simple and straight-forward 8-step customer care process that guarantees your expectations will be met throughout the building process. You will be involved in every critical stage of construction.

Step One: Initial Consultation

This first stage is a no obligation consultation with us to discuss your vision. Our qualified building designer (Bespoke Building Design) will transform your ideas into working drawings from your own hand-sketched plans, or alternatively we will custom design a home to suit your needs and budget. I, Ricky, will personally assess your site to evaluate and maximise the usage of your block.

Step Two: Preliminary Agreement

After you approve the design of your home, a small deposit will be required to enable the following steps to take place:

  • Obtaining foundation data: this test determines the classification of your site and is the prerequisite for your footing and slab design.
  • Initial plan drawings are created for your perusal and amended to your satisfaction.
  • Final drawings are completed.
  • The appropriate footing and/or slab design based on the foundation data is prepared.
  • A quotation and specification are drafted for your approval.
  • You, the owner will take all necessary steps to obtain finance approval, if required.

Step Three: Contract Documentation

Your contract documentation is drawn up and signed to confirm that you are happy to build with Ricky Cullen Constructions. At any time during the construction process you may vary the contract to suit your needs.

Step Four: Building Approval

Ricky Cullen Constructions will engage a private certifier on your behalf to obtain a building approval. At this stage we will also obtain plumbing authorisation and connect water and sewerage if required. Your bank will issue written confirmation that your finance has been approved along with their requirements.

Step Five: Construction Begins

Within 10 days of receiving your building and plumbing approvals, as well as written approval of finance, the construction of your new home will be underway. Now you will see the slab/posts go in, the frames go up and the roof go on, typically within 1 month. The rough-ins will then commence, which entails the wiring, plumbing etc., being installed behind the walls. The house will be enclosed by installing bricks/cladding, windows and doors. At the fixing stage the internal linings, architraves, skirting and doors will be installed and, after your colour selections are completed, cabinetry, tiling and painting are carefully programmed. Finally, the fit-off of electrical, plumbing fittings and floor coverings will complete the construction of your home.

Step Six: The Fun Part – Colour Selection!

With construction underway, Gaye will now guide you in the process of choosing the colours and components that will transform the structure into your new home.

Step Seven: Quality Assurance

During the building process you will have direct contact with us as we oversee the construction of your new home to ensure the high quality you deserve. We will guide you every step of the way and personally provide you with updates on the progress of your home. Upon request, you will meet our sub-contractors and liaise with them directly to ensure that your concepts are applied.

Step Eight: Completion and Handover

Prior to the formal handover, we will walk you through your new home. At this time you will be invited to make a list of final amendments. After the final touch-ups have been completed and approvals met, we will hand over your beautiful new home to you. During the following six months, we will be available to discuss any maintenance issues that arise, and you will have the satisfaction of our 6.5 year structural warranty.

For further details on our unique 8-step customer care process, give Ricky Cullen Constructions a ring on 0429 488 169.

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